Upgrading most systems is a hassle, how ever with Fedora core its just time consuming. Here is how in a few short steps you can upgrade your version of Fedora to the next version

Note, You must have root access to your box, and you must upgrade in order. For example, if you are at Fedora Core 9 and want upgrade to Fedora Core 12, then you must perform this operation to get to Fedora 10, then from Fedora 10 to 11, and so on.

Do not use Gnome Terminal, as there are known issues with it. Instead use putty or Konsole.

From the command line type in

  • su
  • type in roots password
  • type in yum update rpm
  • type in yum -y update
  • type in yum clean all
  • Now either you have had to install a new kernel or not, if not continue, if so reboot and continue
  • type in yum install preupgrade-cli “Fedora Version i want (TheNameofTheVersion)”

If you absolutely want the gui then instead type in

  • yum install preupgrade