Felix Ortega, a confirmed Illegal Immigrant according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Service is charged with killing two Huntsville teenagers .

Officials Say that Felix Orega got drunk, hopped into his truck  and ended with the lives  of two teenagers in a traffic wreck at Airport Road and Whitesburg Drive back on April 17th.  Leigh Anna Jimmerson age 16 year-old and  Tad Mattle 19 year-old  died in the wreck.

Another example of why America needs closed borders and Immigration Enforcement.  This tradgey could have been prevented if Illegal Immigration was enforced.

Illegal Immigration is not a victemless crime. First, the lives and lives of the familes shattered by the loss of their lived ones to an Illegal Immigratnt drunk driver. Next , the life of the Drunk Driver, while He certainly deserves punnishment under the full extent of the law will allow, his life will be spent for years to come shuffled away in a prision, and  under Alabama state law, could face the death penality.

Now the victems of Us all, the money involved. Yet again, We the People have to pay for some low life to get three free meals a day for the durration of his  sentence, plus court fees.