And his fan base. Instead deciding to name the new module Tranquility, in which Steven Colbert said “Tranquility is  the name of an organic tea”  Tuesday evening a NASA represeniive Astronaut Sunita  Williams revealed NASA’s decision on “The Colbert Report,”  “Your name will be in space, in a very important place,” Williams said as Colbert reacted in mock disgust to her announcement of the node’s new name.

The Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill, or COLBERT, is a treadmill.

“I think a treadmill is better than a node  because the node is just a box for the treadmill,” Colbert said. “Nobody says, ‘Hey, my mom bought me a Nike box.’ They want the shoes that are inside.”


While Stephen Colbert won NASA’s contest fairly,  He repeatedly implored his television and online audiences to flood the space agency’s poll with write-in votes to name an addition to the International Space Station after him. Colbert did received the most votes, but NASA decided to snub democracy and choose its own name.