Republican law makers have set aside 20 million dollars to throw a party, for the victory against terror in Iraq. More wasted cash spent by congress.

Republicans in Congress have set aside 20 million dollars for a post-war victory party once the US military crushes insurgencies and violence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The measure, REPLACEed into a defense spending bill, would empower President George W. Bush to designate “a day of celebration” to commemorate US military success in both key fronts of the US-led war on terror.

The bill also enables the White House to “issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe that day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

Democrats in Congress issued a statement saying the Republican administration should focus more on winning the war, and less on planning the victory celebration.

“Instead of focusing on party planning and public relations, his administration needs to change course and get on the path to victory,” said Rebecca Kirszner, a spokeswoman for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.