Thats right America, 53 percent of you are stupid and here is why.


America used to be the self proclaimed white knight of justice, always trying to out stage the other guy, the other guy being those Evil Commies. You know the Reds, Ruskies, and The Russians during the cold war. They where evil, and they where Americans worst enemy. At any moment they where going to start a nuclear war, invade all of Europe and take over America . They where evil, plain and simple, every person in Western Society (Read this as NATO) knew that the Russians where the bad Commies, while the Chinese where the not so bad commies, as they didn’t like Russia either, and promised to nuke them if American got nuked and vice versa. So, Communism was bad. Bad because everyone was poor, the government spied on you, everyone in Russia didn’t have new SUV’s or Atari, McDonalds or Apple Pie. Yup, those where the days of the Cold War.

You know, the cold war? The one where Russia wanted to expand communism and America (NATO) wanted to stop communism. So we entered conflicts and civil wars in which had no real direct bearing on American life, read Korean War, and Vietnam . So America valiantly defended Capitalism, Apple Pie and free speech, by joining two conflicts of Asian people upset by the fact they where starving to death under their native Monarchy based Societies.

Now the evil Russian commies saw American Capitalism as dangerous, for it bread things like McDonalds, Free Speech and Apple Pie, so they indirectly intervened in the conflicts by providing training, guns, funds, and vodka

Well, America ‘s battle with North Korea proved to be too expensive, too drawn out and well too damn hard to tell which guy to shoot, so they drew a line in the sand, and mined the hell out of it. Both sides agreed, this was a good way to keep peace, behind a line of barricades and mines.

Next was Vietnam .

Vietnam was not as easy as Korea, as it was really in essence one big jungle and those wacky Vietcong didn’t wear uniforms, they where armed with sharp pointy sticks and despite helicopters, tanks, napalm, spy satellights, agent orange, and other nifty technological gizmos, America lost.

Now adding to the Stack, Russia wanted to not be the only ones out done by some guys armed with nothing more technically advanced that a sharp stick, so they decided to invade Afghanistan. America, yet again worrying that the Russians would make another country filled with Commies who hated apple pie and smelled of vodka, sent the CIA in to teach the locals how all about guerrilla warfare. This worked great, the Russians, despite their massive numbers of troops and superior technology and weapons, found them loosing to a bunch of guys armed with point sticks on camels.

Cheerfully, The Us felt they had done a great job, as it was now 1980, The microprocessor was coming along nicely, Atari was available , Trickle Down Economics was Trickling right on down the leg of Johnny, China and Taiwan where both starting to provide some great cheap toys and other goods.

Then came those Wacky Terrorists. You remember them, they boarded planes armed with bombs and Uzis, demanding to fly all over the place, have their various leaders freed from prison, and some good cigarettes.

America once again, stood up on its white horse and shining armor and said “No, we will not deal with you, do your worst as we have cruise missiles and we will kill you”. So sure enough, after a year or so, things died down.

Then there was Economics troubles for them Commies.

Communist Russia, on the verge of collapse as it couldn’t support its bills on Vodka alone found itself having to pull back and cut its losses in occupied territories, the biggest of course being, Berlin.

So within hours of Russia making declaration it will remove its forces and claim over east Germany, the Elected White Knight, an Actor from California who couldn’t recall the CIA smuggling drugs into America to fund its projects without congressional approval, Stood Valiantly on a podium 3800 miles away and said “Tear down that wall“, sure enough the Russians, the east Germans and the west Germans all followed the mans advice. The wall fell over, parts of it where for sale in select shops and special magazines (as eBay wasn’t around yet)

Happy with the tearing down of a wall and the military success of Panama , America choose a new White Knight, the squire of the former knight, George Bush. George Bush was the rootinest shootenist gall-darn ga-hoot-an-ist CIA director and was going to do so as President.

Now this White Knight was also an Elephant party member. Like many elephants, his memory was great. You see, Iraq had taken its Christmas gifts the U.S. gave them, but never returned one in kind. Upset by the insult to his honor, The White Knight strided before the United Nations and demanded justice is served. Everyone at the United Nations thought it was fair enough, as Iraq hadn’t obeyed the rules of the Gift exchange. h s

The White Knight, with his friends at round table, Invaded Iraq. It was great. America had won another war against evil, against, bad stuff, and for it, got cheaper gas.

America was happy, as gas prices stabilized but never again dropped below a dollar a gallon. With this in mind, the American people looked back at their economy, and sighed. 12 years of trickle down economics failed to work, as the trickling on the leg finally swept into its boot. Tired of trickling on itself, America decided to change its socks, along with its White Knight.

The New White Knight was hip; he played a sax, liked McDonalds, Tried , and was charming.

So with its new White Knight, four years past and things seemed to get better, Flowers bloomed, children laughed, economy was strong. Sure there was two minor military policing actions, one called Bosnia, the other called Somalia, but it didn’t get much coverage on CNN because it was under 30 days, didn’t take a lot of time, and well CNN was far more interested in other things


Then in the second term of the White Knight, he did an unchivalrously acted with a women, this angered the Elephants in Washington who tried to get him impeached. Luckily, he skated out of that without a hitch.

Once the knight went to retire, his squire ran for election. Unfortunately for his squire, the Elephants where not playing nice and thus cheated, allowing for a Cocaine snorting guy. He was good, because he was a born again Christian, so all the drugs he did god had forgiven him for, and so did the American people.

This white Knight, not really sure what to do, cut terrorism funding, spent most of his early days in office in Texas, shot some guns and was having a great time. I mean the economy was good, people where happy, and hey, his friends pulled in some favors so he got a job with a great view, some cool toys.

Then 9/11 happened. The FBI was warning of terrorists members taking flight training classes, but didn’t have the man power or the budget to do anything. The U.S. was also warned by Egypt of a terrorist attack prior to 9/11 but this white knight was too busy in Texas> .

So 9/11came to pass. 3000 people died. Bush was in a grade school in Florida at the time. Being a brilliant leader, and not giving into terrorism, he just sat and continued to read a children’s book to a class. When the second plane smashed into the world trade center, Bush had to be dragged out of the class room, as the book was far too enthralling, or perhaps it trigged a flashback, either way, this white knight was unphased


The world of Post 9/11

The White Knight, allowed the various members of the Osama Bin Landin Family go home. As the real threat was the American people. So the Patriot Act was passed, the American people gave up free speech, due process, and privacy for a safer world.

Then later that year, a small detachment was sent into Afganistan, granted the force size was small, but with spy satellites, tanks and technology, finding Osama would have been a snap. Unfortunately for the White Knight, Osama was sneaky, but never fear, Iraqwas even a bigger threat.

So the White Knight, Charged into Iraq, While the UK supported the White Knight, the Rest of the Round Table (UN) was upset, as the White Knight had ignored laws laid down before the land. Convinced, The Evils of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) where in Iraq , The White Knight sitting a some 7800 miles away, sent its soldiers into the sandy wastes to do battle.


The Evil was quickly slain, but the Weapons of Mass Destruction never existed, but the taker of the Christmas Gifts and didn’t give one in return, Sadam Hussein was now in jail

Then came election night, once again the White Knight managed to maintain his place as elected White Knight. This White Knight, will Do what ever it takes” to win the War in Iraq, which is going to hell

So here America sits today. Domestic Spying, Economy in the toilet, Iraq war going poorly, and 53 percent of Americans have shown that stupidity is patriotic.

Stupidity, that’s right, I am calling you STUPID if you voted for Bush. You didn’t follow the news, you didn’t read this website, and you didn’t lisen. You voted out of ignorance, out of fear, out of your party affiliation, or out of religion. Its your right to vote, its your right to disagree, you may even like the idea of a war, a police state, and the invasion of Iraq, none the less you are STUPID for allowing your civil rights to be taken away, you are stupid for not holding the One man accountable for his actions before 9/11. You are stupid for giving up everything every Veteran has ever died for, For giving up everything that this country was founded upon, and for helping turn America into the very thing that ran America heavily in debt into the cold war. A police state. So to you who voted for Bush, You are stupid.