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Sandy Hook was Staged Government Propaganda

Gun grabbing Obama Administration did stage Sandy Hook, and here is video proof. Remember, there are no coincidences just bad people doing bad things.

This would not be the first time a government staged an event to push their political agendas, and no doubt it will be the last.


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  1. To say Sandy Hook was an elaborate scheme committed by the government is beyond ignorant. It is absolutely unforgivable that you would be distasteful enough to spread outright lies when innocent adults and children were slain. Sandy Hook had nothing to do with the Government and everything to do with a mentally unstable man and a irresponsible gun owner who did not properly secure her guns. Your disrespect by spreading these lies to your gulliable fan base is more pain for the families of those killed by Adam Lanza. Your behavior is repugnant and unAmerican.

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