Obese Woman eats 30,000 calories a day to fatten up for wedding

A 33-year-old mother of two, Susan Eman seeks to be the world’s fattest woman.  Susanne Eman,  has a goal, to be the fattest woman in the world.   She has spent the last year training hard by lack of exercise, snacking non-stop and eating a special diet of pizza, cakes, candy and moon-pies.Susanne Eman the morbidly obese unemployed mother of two in Az

Susanne’s had believed after a year of non stop gluttony she weighed in around 800 pound, but after a special trip to be weighed, she discovered she only weighed in at 520 pounds, nearly 1080 pounds short of her ideal weight.

Despite her doctor warning Susanne that her weight is unhealthy, Susanne continues her non-stop eating spree.

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  1. God I would so much love to feel that belly fall on my face and have her squeeze my head with those thighs.

    • I know, I totally thought I was weird for loving looking at fat people!!! To be honest, I would probably marry a fat women so that I didn’t have to be fat myself to benefit.

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