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The Real Truth about The Obama Administration and the Deficit

Often times people are misguided by reporters as jouralistic ingeridty and bias come into play. We all have our bias opinions, good, bad or indifferent, its part of who we are as human beings.  In response to Bob Cesca’s The Truth about President and the Deficit  obamaVia the Hunington Post, We would like to respond with cold hard math and rationalization instead of personal bias.

According to this Governmental Report, which shows historical spending / budgetary data, You will find that  spending has steadly increased, along with the decifit with the Exception of Bill Clinton in his Second term, Every President since 1980 has increased spending, including the modern Republican poster child, Ronald Reagan.

The Goverment went from a Surplus to a deficit under the Bush Administration, ramping up our national debt to 10 trillion by the time Obama took office.  The Obama administration has spent nearly nearly 1.25 Trillion dollars per year in office skyrocketing the debt up to 15 Trillion dollars, more than any other president in history.  This  massive spending along with fiscally irresponsible polices has lead to the U.S. losing its Tripple A credit raiting, making the cost of imported goods more costly while further weakening the economy.

Added to it historic levels of chronic unemployment, a floundering economy and mass expansion of goverment,  its no wonder the Obama is campaigning and using offices of the Presidency to attempt to get re-elected.

So next time Bob Cesca, you decide to write an article with the word “Truth” in it, why not actually be a journalist, spend some time looking the figures up yourself instead of relying upon another website to all but hand feed you some very inaccurate data in which you base your personal bias and assumptions.

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3 Responses to “The Real Truth about The Obama Administration and the Deficit”

  1. Sean says:

    “The Obama administration has spent nearly nearly 1.25 Trillion dollars per year in office”

    This is incorrect, deficit increased because of collapse in REVENUES, not because of spending.

  2. mark says:

    Talk about a misleading lie, our credit rating went down because the reps threatened to default on our national debt, and obama was handed a bad economy, he did not create this mess, he is the one having to deal with it. Look at the charts in the original article, they tell you everything you need to know


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