Top 10 worst states to find a job in

If you’re looking for a job, you should see how your state compares to the rest of the country. Here are the 10 worst states to find work ranked by their unemployment rates.

1. Michigan
Unemployment rate: 17.6 percent
Population: 10,071,822
Mean annual wage: $41,230

2. Mississippi
Unemployment rate: 12.8 percent
Population: 2,918,785
Mean annual wage: $30,460

3. South Carolina
Unemployment rate: 12.6 percent
Population: 4,407,709
Mean annual wage: $33,400

4. Alaska
Unemployment rate: 12.5 percent
Population: 683,478
Mean annual wage: $43,920
Top industry: Government (25.9 percent)

5. California
Unemployment rate: 12.3 percent
Population: 36,553,215
Mean annual wage: $44,180

6. District of Columbia
Unemployment rate: 11.8 percent
Population: 588,292
Mean annual wage: $61,500

7. Ohio
Unemployment rate: 10.9 percent
Population: 11,466,917
Mean annual wage: $37,360

8. Arkansas
Unemployment rate: 9.4 percent
Population: 2,834,797
Mean annual wage: $30,870

9. Nevada
Unemployment rate: 9.5 percent
Population: 2,565,382
Mean annual wage: $36,000

10. Kentucky
Unemployment rate: 9.3 percent
Population: 4,241,474
Mean annual wage: $33,490

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