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That ‘Threatening’ Letter White House Sent Bolton Actually Offer To Help Him Get Published

When the term “fake news” is applied to the establishment media, it is often assumed that it is a reference to blatant lies or grossly inaccurate claims that are published as truth.

Sometimes, however, the term is also applicable to media reports that, while “accurate,” per se, nonetheless frame the story in a deliberately misleading way or tell only a select part of the story and leave out inconvenient aspects that undermine a particular narrative

Joe Biden Praises Illegal Aliens Even When They Drive Drunk

What must foreigners think when they see news that a major Presidential candidate promises free healthcare and “reparations” for illegal aliens while excusing dangerous driving habits? Certainly some persons not yet living in the US would consider relocation as a result, and they might encourage illegal cousins in America to cast unlawful votes for Candidate Biden.

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