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Aion updates for 1.9

Aion, NCsoft’s MMORPG will be merging it servers, reducing the XP grind,character transfers,  adding new items and a slew of other changes to the lesser known MMORPG, when it brings its code to patch 1.9 in June.

Complete patch notes can be found here.

Warcraft busts U.S. Fugitive

If you play World of Warcraft, you might want to avoid a life of crime because, although you think you are anonymous online, you aren’t. Making matters worse, Blizzard will hand your information over to the authorities in a heartbeat.


Us Senators Introduce CDC Game Investigation Bill

Dispite being a complete waste of Tax Dollars, Despite being yet another Federal Program to further protect children as the Federal Government believes parents are too stupid or too unaware to make choices on their childrens activities, the U.S. Government wants to investigate and classify video games with the (CDC) or Center for Disease Control. Yes , video games under this new bill would be reviewed and classifed by the same orginazation that classifies Ebola and tracks the Bird Flu. Dispite all of the problems that the U.S.A. faces, its good to see that Video games, not Terrorists, violent crime, pollution, or inflation.  Source Gamesutra

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