Evilware.com has been around since 2000 providing news stories, commentary and links to other news stories that many other organizations fail to report.

Evilware.com promotes the “Knowledge for the sake of Knowledge” philosophy that the internet community has embraced, and challenges everyone to critically think about the world they live in.

Evilware.com was founded in November of 2000, using open source tools freely available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why Evilware.com?

Answer: Microsoft.com was taken.

Question:  When did Evilware come online?

Evilware was originally evil-ware.com , it came online Nov 14th, 2000 during a cold fall afternoon.

Question: Whats the point of all of this?

Answer: 42

Question: I am a concerned parent, I find your site offensive!I want to keep my children off your site.

Answer: Per our Terms-of-Use, your children are in direct violation of Evilware.com’s strict licensing policy. The content of Evilware.com is licensed and explained in our terms of use.   We do not allow, endorse, or authorize any use of this site to anyone under the age 18.  There are many ways to block access to certain sites using various programs and other child safe software.  We would additionally remind you, that you more than likely are in violation of your internet service providers terms of use, as most require direct adult supervision.

Question: You post information on offensive material, why?

Answer:  Evilware.com believes in “Knowledge for the sake of Knowledge”, and the founding principles of Free Speech afforded by the U.S. Constitution.


Question: . How can I help?

Answer: Send me pics, links, funny stories, emails, money, or anything else.

Question: Can I link to your page from my homepage?

Answer: Yes, feel free.

Question: I have written an article, would you publish it?

Answer: Send your story in word, text, or rich text format to story@evilware.com. Along with which article heading it should go under. We do not offer story credit.