Windows 7 is reaching end of life

Windows 7 has entered the phase where in under a year users and organizations support will end.  While Microsoft has promised to have an ever increasing price model to extend support beyond January 14th, 2020 the beloved but aged version of Windows is done for.


What happens to Windows 7 After January 14th 2020?

It will still work as expected, but Microsoft without a monthly fee will no longer provide updates or support for it.


Is Windows 7 safe to use after January 14th 2020?

In a word, NO.  Once Microsoft ends all but paid support, anyone not paying for security updates will quickly have an insecure computer that is prone to malware, viruses and other malicious software. In addition to supporting only going for Enterprise users, this places most individuals far beyond the scope of being able to purchase support individually for their home devices.


How to prepare for Life without Windows 7

There are many ways in which you can continue using a computer long after Windows 7 becomes obsolete.  We suggest you start before January to look into your options and choose one that best fits your needs.

You should do the following:

  • Research your options. See below for a list of options
  • Backup your documents, bookmarks, pictures, and other items that you want to keep.
  • Discover what applications and how you use your computer. Some options may not be available on all systems and some options may have cloud based services for your current software.
  • Budget – Understanding what you can and want to pay can affect what you choose to do. In many cases purchasing an upgraded license for Windows and then hiring a technician to install Windows 10 can often cost more than purchasing a new computer or laptop.
  • Applications – Some programs do not run on Windows 10, Mac OSX or Linux or have a direct alternative on that platform.  Your research will pay off as you can often search for applications by name and look at the list of supported Operating Systems


What other options do I have for a safe,  computer / laptop?

  • Purchase a New Laptop or Computer or Chromebook
  • Upgrade to Windows 10
  • Migrate / Install Linux
  • Switch to a Mac



What does recommend?

If you are a gamer, then We suggest Windows 10.

If you lightly surf the web and check email, then either a Chromebook or installing Linux.


What version of Linux does use?

For the Desktop end user, We suggest Mint Linux or Manjaro Linux.