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Increase Bitorrent speeds on Windows

Ever wonder why your Torrents upload and download speeds are slow despite being on Broadband? Well, most ISP's (Internet Service Providers) use a product called Sandvine for packet shaping.  While this article does not go into details about packet shaping, it does offer a way around Sandvine on Windows

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Tweaking Firefox & Mozilla for Performance

Performance Settings

Open up user.js in /path/to/firefox/install with your favorite text editor.

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Windows 7 and Windows Vista PerformanceTweak

For those of you wishing to get the most out of your memory hungry Windows Operating System, the guide can help disable unneeded services reducing both memory used and increasing performance.

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Faster Browsing on Vista Tweak

Windows Vista and Server 2008 ships with various components that do not always function as predicted. One of these features only works on some newer routers, and causes performance issues when using any other router.  This quick change will speed up your browsing of websites regardless of browser. Read More »

Windows XP / 2000 Broadband Tweak

Just Paste into a text file. Rename the text file to .REG and then merge into your registry and reboot.


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