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Democrats block bill to stop Terrorists

Senator (D) Mazie Hirono wants Terrorists in America

Democrats in the Senate blocked a Bill offered up by Sen. Ted Cruz tried to get the Senate to consider a a measure that would prevent Americans who join terrorist groups outside the United States from returning to the United States. Sen. Mazie Hirono, Hawaii Democrat, objected, saying the bill has not been brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee and it affects “fundamental constitutional rights, which should be given the full deliberation of the Senate.” Other house Democrats raised objections, noting that Terrorists have the same rights as law abiding citizens. “If we do not pass this legislation, the consequence …

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Obama Administration invites terrorists into the Whitehouse

Obama'S policy is killing troops

Obama Administration is working directly with Mohamed Magid, the head of the Islamic Society of North America, and the Department of Homeland Security. The Leaders of the Holy Land Foundation where convicted of funding the terrorist group Hamas. The Group was spun off and reformed to be called the Islamic Society of North America.  Considering all other things, The Obama Administration is working directly in league with Anti Isreali terrorists, perhaps one reason the White House wants a War with Syria  

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