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New chemical makes teeth cavity proof

Keep 32 could keep you cavity free

A new chemical molecule that kills the germs that cause cavities could be added to tooth paste in a years time.  The molecule has been called ‘Keep 32′ developed  by dentists in Chile. A single .5mg application kills all the bacteria that cause cavities in just 60 seconds in tests. Read More »

Higgs Boson explained in comic format

For most, the Higgs Boson discovery is absolutely meaningless, yet it could usher in a new age of technology, materials and advances in science at some point, but for most its just some nerds someplace doing nerdy things. Well, here is a comic that illustrates why its important, and how it could lead to a better world   Read More »

Rats laugh when you tickle them

While there still is no cure for cancer, Scientists have discovered if you tickle rats, they apparently laugh. This study on  animal behavior comes from Dr. Jaak Panksepp, professor of veterinary and comparative anatomy at Washington State University (WAMU) in Pullman.   Read More »

Allergic to Meat from Bug Bite

A bite from the lone star tick  may trigger an allergic reaction to meat  according to University of Virginia researchers. Read More »

Ginseng fights cancer fatigue

Ginseng was found to counteract the fatigue that is associated with cancer, according a new study. In a double blind study, participants where given ground-up ginseng for 8 weeks.  Fatigue scores among Read More »

Drug resistant Gonorrhoea makes for sad times for Mr Happy

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned  of a spreading  drug resistance sexually transmitted disease (STI) gonorrhoea. Read More »