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A Syrian War is Liberal Hypocrisy at its finest


Liberals are all crying, We need to go to war with Syria, but why?  Syria is no threat to the United States, it does not have troops on our borders, and quite frankly it has nothing to do with U.S. Security.  While it is  tragic that people are dying there in their prolonged civil war, It in no way is America’s responsibly to police the world, nor is it death toll in the recent gas attack of any National Concern. The Obama Administration wants to go to war. and thus complete another term, where are all the liberals screaming its …

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Death toll for U.S. Troops 3 Times Higher under Obama

Obama'S policy is killing troops

The Obama Administration has one thing it can do better than the Bush Administration, and that is cause U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan to die  in record numbers, in fact nearly 3 to 1 casualties have been under the Obama Administration, and rules directly handed down from the Obama Administration are to blame for the surge in causalities.     Tony Lee over at BreitBart wrote Under former President George W. Bush, 575 American soldiers died and fewer than 3,000 were wounded in Afghanistan. This means under Obama, at least 1,405 soldiers have died and nearly 15,000 additional soldiers have …

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Congressman to Obama We oppose gun control

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) vowed Wednesday to fight any effort by the Obama administration or members of Congress to enact gun control initiatives. “We live in a republic, not a dictatorship,” Duncan said. “The Founding Fathers never envisioned executive orders being used to restrict our constitutional rights.” He added: “The president should not be able to act unilaterally when it comes to our constitutional rights. Executive orders were meant as a way for the president to implement legislatively passed laws, not to make law.” Duncan was responding to comments made by Vice President Joe Biden, who is heading a task force …

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Dianne Feinstein caught in a lie

Watch as this Gun Grabbing Nazi love child lies directly to your face. Even if the Obama administration were to bypass Congress by imposing new regulations, there is still one card left for pro-Second Amendment forces to play: The House of Representatives could remove funding for the ATF or abolish it completely. But would the House GOP actually do that?  Snyder is confident it would. “I wouldn’t be surprised. I think the House is really furious with the president,” Snyder said. “The Republicans would like to cut budgets of the federal government because they think the federal government is taking …

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