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Weapons of Mass Infection entering the country illegally

Illegal Alien being treated for H1N1

As the Federal Government takes it upon itself to aid and abed illegal immigrants. They are placing thousands of illegal immigrants in schools across the country.  Each illegal immigrant is a potential unregistered bio-weapon capable of infecting thousands, if not tends of thousands of people. The Washington Times reported “that the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) facility in Artesia, NM, has been placed under quarantine because of an outbreak of varicella, or chicken pox, in the center’s residents.”  Fox News Reported Illegal immigrant kids exposed federal agents to lice, scabies, tuberculosis and chicken pox Brietbart reported Illegal aliens presumed to have exposed border patrol …

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Obama, An Epic Failure

You know its bad when what was cited as the worst President in the Modern Era is calling Obama an Epic Failure. The former President, who resided over prior to Obama, the largest economic expanse of stagnation, has been eclipsed in epic failure on both domestic and foreign policy fronts. Perhaps that is what Jimmy Carter meant when interviewed by Parade Magazine Carter said : “He’s done the best he could under the circumstances,” No matter which way you look at it, Reagan was a titian compared to either President Carter or Obama, in terms of Economic Growth, Foreign Policy, or …

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Obamacare excludes millions of Americans from Health Insurace

The Un Affortable Care Act

The (un)Affordable Care Act  has yet even more great provisions, If by chance you where one of the many unwashed masses hoping to use socialized medicine, well too damn bad.  That is right, despite all the technical problems, you are too late. You now will get hit up with a penalty for not purchasing a product you could not buy and where forced to by law to purchase. The law to date proclaims to have helped 7 million Americans sign up for Health Care, all the while raising premiums by an Average of 1900 dollars per year per person. The …

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Obama Administration invites terrorists into the Whitehouse

Obama'S policy is killing troops

Obama Administration is working directly with Mohamed Magid, the head of the Islamic Society of North America, and the Department of Homeland Security. The Leaders of the Holy Land Foundation where convicted of funding the terrorist group Hamas. The Group was spun off and reformed to be called the Islamic Society of North America.  Considering all other things, The Obama Administration is working directly in league with Anti Isreali terrorists, perhaps one reason the White House wants a War with Syria  

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Obama trying to criminalize journalism

When Left wing journalists Al Hunt,Cokie Roberts and Steve Rattner start complaining about the Administration, there is a  problem. Journalism is under attack, and with it the  1st Amendment rights. The White House and the Justice Department want to bring  Espionage chargers against a reporter who did exactly what reporters have done, which is report the news, since the founding of the United States.  Eric Holder and Barack Obama want to being down 200 years of government oversight by the people, through the use of journalists, via the Espionage Act of 1917 They want to criminalize journalism. And that’s what …

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Syria is the biblical beginning of World War 3

Could the nation that over 70 percent of Americans could not find a globe if their lives depend upon it, be the beginning of World War 3 and usher in the end of days? That is the question on biblical scholars, priests and many Christians through out the United States.   A recent study back in April found that as many as 1 in 4 Americans believed Obama to the the Anti-Christ, while those who did not 58 percent felt he was the worst U.S. President in the History of the United States, 22 percent felt he was doing a …

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