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Obama Administration & CDC Downplaying Ebola

President Obama and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) want you to stop worrying about Ebola.  Despite numerous pleas from Politicians, Petition on the Whitehouse.Gov to close the borders, President Obama wants you to think Ebola is like winning the lotto in terms of chances of catching the disease. Instead of following examples where the rest of the Civilized world, including second and third world countries are now banning travel from Ebola hot spots, the Obama administration appointed a political hack, which has long time ties to the Democratic Party, but no medial training, or even training in emergency management …

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Obama speaks and people leave

Obama Appears and Delivers the Kiss of Death to Democratic Candidate in Maryland

The Campaigner & Chief, President Barack Obama made an appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday to rally support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland. As the President Spoke, “over half the crowd got up and left”, said one Campaign Volunteer. Another woman, who was exiting the rally stated ” I’m a Lifelong Democrat, but  I am considering changing parties after what He (Obama), is doing to this country”. Many others left the rally, some of whom said they would not support any candidate which was endorsed by  President Obama. One man stated ” I was dragged her by my …

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Obama fun raises with billionaires while demonizing the rich

President Barack Obama on a three day fundraiser tour helicoptered to exclusive Greenwich Connecticut on Tuesday this week for a VIP  ten-thousand dollar fundraising dinner to help Senate Democrats in the midterm elections. In one of the most exclusive areas on the east coast, the Greenwich Polo club, the President of the United States of America visited the Conyers Farm estate of Richard and Ellen Schapps Richamn for a fund raiser of the Democratic High Roller elites. Many on the guest list forked over the maximum allowed contribution under federal law of 32,400 for a diner and a chance for …

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Obama Administration orders 3000 Soldiers to die

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President Obama is expected to announce Tuesday that he’s sending up to 3,000 military personnel to combat the Ebola virus in West Africa. The Obama administration’s decision to enlist the Department of Defense in response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has raised concerns about the safety for U.S. Personnel. Sources inside the Pentagon speaking off the record have stated ,”Obama is sending 3000 soldiers to die.  Our Military is trained and equipped to fight a wars, not fight infectious diseases”. Other military commanders have raised concerns that the Military is already stretched dangerously thin, to its lowest levels …

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Deere & Co lays off 1100 workers

A decline sales revenue  for its agricultural products, Deere & Co. today announced it was laying off more than 500 workers at Iowa location. Just last week Deere & Company announced they where laying off 500 workers from four of their other U.S. locations. The decision has an affect employees at John Deere Harvester Works in Moline; John Deere Seeding and Cylinder in Moline; John Deere Des Moines Works in Ankeny, Iowa; and John Deere Coffeyville in Coffeyville, Kan. Overall, the layoffs represent a sliver of Deere’s workforce; the company employs more than 67,000 people.  Siting low commodity prices Deere & Co earlier …

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