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Illegal Immigrants kill more Americans than guns annually

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Every year Illegal Aliens or “Undocumented Criminals” kill more Americans than guns.  When you add up the United States crime statistics,  what you find is a shocking statistics. Since 9/11/2001 more than 21,900 Americans have lost their lives to illegal Aliens. Thats 4,380 Americans who lose their lives annually to illegal aliens.   That is more than all of the troop deaths America suffered in Iraq, a total of 29,863 in all. 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That’s 61,685 since Sept. 11, 2001. Those numbers are only a small faction ... Read More »

Operation Fast & Furious still killing


Weapons linked the the ATF Gun walking scandal, Fast & Furious have been found yet again at the body of slain Mexican beauty queen.  Maria Susana Flores Gamez had taken an active role in the shootout between Mexican soldiers and a gang of hit men, as gun residue was found on her hands. Read More »

Closing Border Patrol Stations will kill Americans

For many, the closing of Border Patrol stations will lead to death of many Americans, and many more will become victims of crime. Read More »

Illegal Aliens on FBI’s Most wanted


Some of the nations most wanted criminals are not even U.S. citizens, they are illegal aliens who are wanted for multiple crimes against U.S. citizens While leaders in Washington side step the immigration policy, and the Obama administration ealier this week issued an excutive order to snuggle illegal aliens, the fact remains that  Illegal aliens continue to rape, murder and victimize  the United States. Read More »

Zombie eats mans brains and heart in Maryland

In what could be another Zombie attack a 21-year-old student in maryland was arrested for devouring his roomates brain and heart. Alexander Kinyua, a third year student at Morgan State University  confessed to murdering his roommate Friday, and then devouring his brains and heart. Read More »

Illegal Immigrant involved in death of infant

In the northern burbs of Dallas Texas,  an illegal alien fled the scene of an accident that left an infant dead. 24-year-old Gerardo Moreno faces felony charges for manslaughter,  as well as failure to stop and render aid, driving without a license, driving without insurance. Read More »