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Main Stream Media is lying to you about Illegal Immigrants

Main Stream Media Is Lying to you about Illegal Immigrants | A women in a business suit with a pichancho style nose

Liberals will claim their love for illegal Immigrants is on par with the nations poor, and women’s rights.   The problem is, Illegal immigrants have a direct impact on America, and to call it anything less than a War on the American way of life would not do it justice. Since 2008, Illegal Immigrants have committed nearly 700,000 crimes just in the state of Texas, of which nearly 121,782 where sexual assaults, and nearly 4000 homicides.   The numbers continue to sky rocket if you add in the other 49 states.  Yet, the news which should be unbiased in reporting …

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Bob Cesca is wrong on Benghazi and Bush

Bob Cesca could not be more wrong on Benghazi and once again publishes left wing moon bat propaganda entitled ” 13 Benghazis That Occurred on Bush’s Watch Without a Peep from Fox News” over on the Huntington Post.  The narrative is, that the U.S. was attacked and then Bush lied 13 times blaming it all on a video. As that is exactly what happened with Benghazi. The problem is, Not once did the Bush Administration in its 8 years go before the media and call a terrorist attack anything but just that, A terrorist Attack.  The Bush Administration did not attempt …

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