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Windows 8 will not boot straight to Desktop

Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows 8 team hard at work to keep the RTM version free of consumers doing horrible evil things with their desktops. Most nobility, the ability to make their Windows 8 versions bypass the annoying titled screen and go directly to the desktop as well as add back the Start Button Read More »

Windows 8 upgrade will cost 39.99

Windows 8 Upgrade

Microsoft announced that the upgrade, which will cover Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 will cost just 39.99.   Read More »

Microsoft proves it can take a bite out of Apple

Microsoft Surface promises to eat apple ipads

Microsoft unvieled the “Surface tablet” , Monday in Los Angelos California. The new device, designed to be a competior to the Apple Ipad might just take a bite out of the Apple’s Ipad  market, which has reportedly sold 3 million devices since its launch two years ago Read More »

Microsoft sues Ebay Pirates

Microsoft filled lawsuits against seven people for pirating their software then selling it on Ebay.  Source Vnu

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Microsoft attacks Microsoft Community Sites

Microsoft following Apple has decided to attack more Pro-Microsoft community websites. Just another reason, to use Linux  --Source Weblogsinc

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Steve Ballmer, US Workforce should be paid less

According to Microsoft's CEO, American workers make too much money. Tech sector went to hell in the toilet, the jobless rate is heading out-of-control, and now he thinks those that do get paid should be paid less. What a moron! --Source Com

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