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Journalist thinks Doctor warning about Ebola is scare mongering

A Journalist over at the Daily Beast thinks that Sen. Rand Paul, who happens to have a licensed doctor is just “scare mongering” about the deadly disease Ebola. The Journalist in question is Sally Kohn, a contributor to “The Daily Beast”, apparently received courses in virology, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and infectious disease control, to make such bold claims.    Perhaps liberal journalists truly do know everything. Who would have thought a degree in what is a bastardized version english major and easily completed in four years imparts the same level medical knowledge that four years college, four years medical school, two …

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Bob Cesca is wrong on Benghazi and Bush

Bob Cesca could not be more wrong on Benghazi and once again publishes left wing moon bat propaganda entitled ” 13 Benghazis That Occurred on Bush’s Watch Without a Peep from Fox News” over on the Huntington Post.  The narrative is, that the U.S. was attacked and then Bush lied 13 times blaming it all on a video. As that is exactly what happened with Benghazi. The problem is, Not once did the Bush Administration in its 8 years go before the media and call a terrorist attack anything but just that, A terrorist Attack.  The Bush Administration did not attempt …

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The Arizona Republic is biased liberal crap

The Arizona Republic News Paper is Pro Criminal Immigrant

Pro criminal and extremely liberal biased news paper, “The Arizona Republic” recently published an article entitled “Jan Brewers Illegal Immigration order draws many letters” , According to the article nearly 2350 letters where received by the governors office drawing criticism and complaints.  The problem is not that the Governor drew criticism, or that “The Arizona Republic” with its tireless devoted news professionals where quick to report the issue, its the amount.

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