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Obamacare about to make 60 Million Americans criminals


With the wildly unpopular law about to go into effect starting October 1st,  most of the law will penalize young Americans, more over Obama supports who voted for Obama in the 2012 election Those  hit hardest by the law are the Young wide eyed voters, who are seeing the effects first hand. In recent studies with the every sliding downward economy, many are moving back into parents houses right after college, unable to find work in their chosen field, many are applying to an ever shrinking pool of part time jobs.  This compounded with the fact that many large campaign …

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America is sick of Illegal aliens

America is beat up, tired and displaced by the deepest recession in American history. With economic woes and the jobless rate having risen to the highest levels since The Great Depression.  While legal immigrants and natural citizens have earned the right to all the benefits that make the U.S. Great, illegal immigrants come to America in a hope that they too can get a small slice of the pie, only one problem, there isn’t enough for all.

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Us Senators Introduce CDC Game Investigation Bill

Dispite being a complete waste of Tax Dollars, Despite being yet another Federal Program to further protect children as the Federal Government believes parents are too stupid or too unaware to make choices on their childrens activities, the U.S. Government wants to investigate and classify video games with the (CDC) or Center for Disease Control. Yes , video games under this new bill would be reviewed and classifed by the same orginazation that classifies Ebola and tracks the Bird Flu. Dispite all of the problems that the U.S.A. faces, its good to see that Video games, not Terrorists, violent crime, …

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Alaska moves to legalize Marijuana

“In the latest development, a citizens’ initiative headed for a vote Nov. 2 would push Alaska further than any other state toward legalizing marijuana, condoning the possession, purchase or sale of hemp products by adults 21 years and older. The initiative also would enable the state to tax and regulate marijuana along the lines of alcohol and tobacco” If this passes, half the U.S. Hippies may relocate.

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