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Bankrupt California gives free phones to the homeless

California debt may hover just above 16 billion dollars and continuing to grow as the states businesses leave in droves over tax hikes or face bankruptcy in a crime infested ever degrading social environment. With California’s 9.8 % reported unemployment rate, and an approximate 17.2% but that does not stop the states liberals to pour out their hearts wallets for California’s poor and dispossessed. The California Public Utilities Commission is launching a new program that would give the homeless and low-income people free cell phones – dubbed  “Obamaphones” – with free service, as seen in similar states such as Michigan, New York, New Jersey.  The idea is to help them reach out to possible ... Read More »

Washington D.C. Police buy 600,000 rounds of ammo

Just in time for the the Holiday season, the Capitol City Police have purchased 600,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. This breaks down to nearly one bullet per resident. Is their such a threat or need for training our nations Capitol Police they need 600,000 rounds of ammo, for a single police force for a small city? that has roughly 8 Departments. Read More »

USDA to give food stamps to Illegal Aliens

In yet another shining example of your tax dollars being handed over to criminals, The USDA is running radio ads, fliers, a toll-free number,  a website and has partnered with the Mexician goverment to help those who would illegal Aliens to the United States, seek food stamps.  WTF!!!! Read More »

New York City spent 40K on How-to Inject Herion pamplets

"It's basically step-by-step instruction on how to inject a poison," said John Gilbride, who heads the Drug Enforcement Administration's New York office. Read More »

Nebraska Court Rules that Illegal Aliens can have tax payer benifits

Illegal immigrants hurt on the job in Nebraska are eligible for workers' compensation benefits, per the Nebraska Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court ruling that a slaughterhouse worker should continue to receive weekly wages for medical expenses.

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20 Million to throw party

Republican law makers have set aside 20 million dollars to throw a party, for the victory against terror in Iraq. More wasted cash spent by congress.

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