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DIY lightsaber

Make your own lightsaber for under forty dollars.  --Source Indestructables

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Make your own Muslin

Make a backdrop (muslin) for your own digital photography insanity.  Link

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How to Build Stormtrooper Armor

For those of you wishing to join the Empire, or just have something to go to the gas station in, here is a few links to DIY Stormtrooper armor.

Source1 and Source2


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    Lung and Skin Cancer DNA mapped

    Scientists have mapped the entire genetic code of two of the most common cancers - skin and lung - a move they say could revolutionize cancer treatment. Cancer maps provide a way for blood tests to spot tumours far earlier and new treatments.   Source BBC

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    How-To: Make a Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

    For the die hard geek in all of us.  Source

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    Build your own XGA Projector

    For around 300 dollars and a few hours of your time you can have your own DIY XGA Projector.  --Link

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