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13 Illegal Aliens killed in Texas car crash

Thirteen illegal aliens killed when their Ford pickup crahed. The eight of the illegal aliens where dead when Emergency services arrived, ten others where injuried. The truck was crammed with nearly 2 dozen illegal Aliens and operated far beyond the safe legal passenger limit.   The Ford F250 pickup had multiple occupants in both the front and the cab and the bed of the pickup when it slammed into a pair of trees. It was north bound on  U.S. Highway 59 when it left the road near the town of Goliad.

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In Repsonse to the Denver Posts Driver’s licenses for illegal ALIENS

The Editorial Staff over at the Denver Post, posted a page in which they are in favor of Illegal Aliens getting drivers licenses. The basis of their argument is that Illegal Aliens should be given the option while in the comission of the crime of Illegally entering and staying within the United States, that they will, in fact show up in masses to buy car insurance and get drivers licenses.

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