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Westin Hotel’s in L.A. possibly hacked last year

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles last year and used their credit or debit card to eat there should examine their bank statements and request a new card. Hotel officials disclosed Friday that the hotel’s four restaurants, along with its valet parking operation, may have been hacked at some time between April and December, disclosing names, credit card numbers and expiration dates printed on customers’ debit and credit card.

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Illegal Immigrants attempt to derail trains

Cruz Mario Carnacion, 37 and Jose Luis Trejo-Yanez for two Illegal Aliens of Mexician origin where arrested for being in possession of more than 500  7-inch spike’s that were taken from the railroad tracks owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is requesting that Federal authorities charge the illegal aliens caught stealing over 500 railroad spikes in North Carolina with terrorism charges, since they entered America illegally and worked to sabotage train tracks in a way that could have resulted in mass casualties.  

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Hackers expose security flaws with Elvis passport

In the name of improved security a hacker showed how a biometric passport issued in the name of long-dead rock ‘n’ roll king Elvis Presley could be cleared through an automated passport scanning system being tested at an international airport. Using a doctored passport at a self-serve passport machine, the hacker was cleared for travel after just a few seconds and a picture of the King himself appeared on the monitor’s display. Adam Laurie and Jeroen Van Beek, who call themselves “ethical hackers,” say the exercise exposed how easy it is to fool a passport scanner with a fraudulent biometric …

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Banned Twitter Passwords

Here is a big list of Twitter passwords and quite possily the most commonly found and abused ones on other online services. 1. 111111 2. 11111111 3. 112233 4. 121212 5. 123123 6. 123456 7. 1234567 8. 12345678 9. 131313 10. 232323 11. 654321 12. 666666 13. 696969 14. 777777 15. 7777777 16. 8675309 17. 987654 18. aaaaaa 19. abc123 20. abc123 21. abcdef 22. abgrtyu 23. access 24. access14 25. action 26. albert 27. alexis 28. amanda 29. amateur 30. andrea 31. andrew 32. angela 33. angels 34. animal 35. anthony 36. apollo 37. apples 38. arsenal 39. arthur …

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Twitter gets hacked

Twitter sent out a tweet at about 2:37 a.m. EST, acknowledging that the site’s DNS records were temporarily compromised.  Users trying to acccess Twitter where redirected to a webpage that said THIS SITE HAS BEEN HACKED BY IRANIAN CYBER ARMY iRANiAN.CYBER.ARMY@GMAIL.COM U.S.A. Think They Controlling And Managing Internet By Their Access, But THey Don’t, We Control And Manage Internet By Our Power, So Do Not Try To Stimulation Iranian Peoples To…. NOW WHICH COUNTRY IN EMBARGO LIST? IRAN? USA? WE PUSH THEM IN EMBARGO LIST ;) Take Care.

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