Let us Reboot America and remove career politicians.

Dear Americans

We at Evilware.com are just like you. We have watched in horror over every election cycle. Both Democrat and Republican leaders making poor choices, choices that are not aligned with our beliefs, our core American values. Calling your Congressman or Senator has been left ineffective, as most will ignore your calls only to vote along party lines.  We have watched them put Illegal Aliens, Foreign countries and Big Business all at the head of their agendas while raking in vast quantities of campaign contributions , and profiteering off insider trading, (which is legal for congress and the senate). they have sold out The American Worker, They have put the Men, Women and children last in an ever growing line of special interests.  These very same Career Politicians  continue this practice to this day, making empty promises and making colorful speeches against each other on camera, only to go out to drinks at the cost of the American tax payer at night.

Career Politicians have to go. Each election year they make promises and the moment the election is over, They forget about US, only to further line their campaign coffers and their pockets while  the rest of US suffer at the hands of their crony capitalist drafted agendaWe The People at Evilware.com are Sick of Career Politicians

We are sick, and tired of being played like a fiddle every election cycle. Democrats, Republicans. its the same long term career Politicans who all have the same agenda and have forgotten they once went to Washington with goals, dreams and hopes of YOU, the voter in making a positive change for this once great country

Its time We THE PEOPLE, take back America from Big Business, Foreign Interests and the Lobbyists that rule the politicians in Washington. This is why, We are offering a unique, one of a kind offer to any Challenger for any race, be it state or federal for the 2013 -2014 election year.

We are Donating to Any Challengers Campaign Free Ad Space

We are sick of just ranting and raving. We can protest, We can speak out but we can no longer sit on the side lines and just write about how time and time again one after another career politicians continues to harm America. We are putting our money, into challengers campaigns

We are donating free ad space, and a free page to your campaign.  We receive roughly 35-40K unique viewers monthly, and overly 300K-500K  “page views” While this may not seem like a lot, We have international attention and often our stories are read by other journalists  and then days later picked up  by nationally famous Main Stream Media outlets.


So how do you get in on this great Free Ad Campaign?

You send us an email to challenger@evilware.com along with a letter stating your standard press release on who you are, why you entered the race, ectra and a link to your main campaign page.

You can optionally ask us to Review your campaign if you are looking for an Endorsement by us


Our Not so Fancy Not too Tiny Fine Print

We will add a page and a link to your campaign. We will have the disclaimer we may not endorse your campaign and that the ad is in lue of a monetary donation to your campaign. In which we can and will send your  campaign mangers donations for services rendered, but will not be responsibly for (Example: Donation 20K impressions, normal price 20 dollars, Price Donated 20.00 your campaign) We ask at the end of your campaign you send us a receipt, as That is only fair.

Unless you really want to trade dollar per dollar, in which there is a sir charge, as paypal takes a small percentage of the amount of funds transferred and a 1 dollar charge per invoice.


We reserve the right to cancel this at any time without warning. All transaction are final.



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