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Above Top Secret

Prepare yourself for your doom, or in many cases a straight jacket or a good laugh. The folks you would expect to find at AboveTopSecret are the tin foil wearing Conspiracy Theorist’s, UFO alien love children, escaped ninja cyborgs from Dimension-X, and many other happy insanities.  You will find no lack of 2012 dooms-day advice, Illuminati members, New World Order survivalists, and nearly every other ball tripping insanity in a nice collective pool of a website. Bonus content includes Video, Alex Jones, and ad’s  not ran by those evil MJ-12.  —Link  

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Vampire attacks Taxi Driver

New York, NY Police are searching for a man who bit a taxi-driver on the neck like a vampire.  Officers are searching for the male who threatened the driver with a semi-automatic handgun and attempted to rob him. The driver refused to hand over his cash, the man lunged at the taxi driver’s neck, back and arms and bit him repeatedly. The attempted burglar was being driven near the Bronx Community College, when the driver refused his requests and he eventually ran from the scene with empty handed.

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