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Zombie attack in Spain

A U.K. Man arrested for a Zombie like attack in Spain

A teenager was arrested in the resort of Magaluf, for wild Zombie attack spree. The unidentified man, a U.K. national chased beach goers for approximately ten minutes before police arrived. Police had to call for backup units, as the man snarled and made animal like sounds, and was able to bite on officer. A few minutes later when backup units arrived, It took 10 police officers to subdue and arrest the man. The man was taken to local hospital and treated for drug use.   This is just one of the many Zombie like attacks attributed to the use of Bath …

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Syria is the biblical beginning of World War 3

Could the nation that over 70 percent of Americans could not find a globe if their lives depend upon it, be the beginning of World War 3 and usher in the end of days? That is the question on biblical scholars, priests and many Christians through out the United States.   A recent study back in April found that as many as 1 in 4 Americans believed Obama to the the Anti-Christ, while those who did not 58 percent felt he was the worst U.S. President in the History of the United States, 22 percent felt he was doing a …

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