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God Bless America

The founders and framers of this great nation, meant war only to be the very last resort. America is not to be the world police. We understand that things in this world are not perfect, We fully support our troops, and honor the brave men and women in Americas military.  We do not feel placing them needlessly in harms way to resolve what clearly is not a threat to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA  is right, so much so, we are putting our advertising dollars  up to task

This site receives a modest 45-50K unique viewers monthly. We are going to donate 1 250 x 250 box to ANY  challenger in the 2014 race who runs against any politician who votes for WAR in SYRIA.

While we can all agree to disagree on many things, be it guns, foreign aid, air, jobs, taxes. War is costly to Americans, it drives up the national debt, which drives up inflation, kills jobs, and mortgaged on the backs of Americans children and the blood of American lives.   America does not need any more wars. War on Terror, War on Drugs, War on Privacy, Enough with war.   Let us fix Americas problems, in which there are plenty,  unemployment is staggering, lets work on making America energy independent, then as we we lower the cost of energy and create jobs,  lets worry about that. Its time to put AMERICANS FIRST.


This is one thing we can and will stand up against, and that is WAR

So if you are one of those challengers here is what you need to do

Write is a small Press release on who you are,why you are against any war with Syria

A link to your campaign site.

That is it, That simple. email address is nowar@evilwar.com


Our Not so Fancy Not too Tiny Fine Print

We will add a page and a link to your campaign. We will have the disclaimer we may not endorse your campaign and that the ad is in lue of a monetary donation to your campaign. In which we can and will send your  campaign mangers donations for services rendered, but will not be responsibly for (Donation 20K impressions, normal price 20 dollars, Price Donated 20.00 your campaign) We ask at the end of your campaign you send us a receipt, as Thats only fair.

Unless you really want to trade dollar per dollar, in which there is a sir charge, as paypal takes a small percentage of the amount of funds transferred and a 1 dollar charge per invoice.


We reserve the right to cancel this at any time without warning. All transaction are final.




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