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Islam: What the West needs to know

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“Islam is a religion of peace, and they will kill anyone who disagrees” – Evilware.com The Media has it wrong, it is not radical Muslims who are attacking the world, it is Orthodox Muslims who are attacking the world.  The radicals are the ones who claim they want to live in peace and co-exist peacefully with everyone else. Islam in a nut shell is a political death cult, that should be eradicated by any means necessary.  

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How the 2nd American Civil War will play out

Leftists commie gun-grabbers, let me explain how your Unconstitutional Nazi gun-grabbing fantasy will play out, in two words “Civil War”.  Lets pretend  for a moment that a sweeping gun control bill similar to the one currently suggested is passed by the Traitor Diane Feinstein is signed into law by a communistic President. The moment the pen hits the paper, lawsuits will be immediately filed from both gun manufacturers  pro-civil rights groups, as well as various individuals that will clog and stink up the court system for years to come. Some states will pass emergency nullification legislation countering the gun confiscation laws from state resources being used to …

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