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Bob Cesca is wrong on Benghazi and Bush

Bob Cesca could not be more wrong on Benghazi and once again publishes left wing moon bat propaganda entitled ” 13 Benghazis That Occurred on Bush’s Watch Without a Peep from Fox News” over on the Huntington Post.  The narrative is, that the U.S. was attacked and then Bush lied 13 times blaming it all on a video. As that is exactly what happened with Benghazi. The problem is, Not once did the Bush Administration in its 8 years go before the media and call a terrorist attack anything but just that, A terrorist Attack.  The Bush Administration did not attempt …

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Mexican Government wants U.S. to track all Gun Owners

The corrupt Government of Mexico wants every gun owner in America’s names.  Mexican lawmakers will ask the U.S. Senate to create a registry of all commercialized firearms in border states, which includes California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Mexico says it will make it easier to trace guns used in violent attacks Dear Mexico,  No way in hell!  Instead of worrying about American Citizens, how about you enforce your borders and keep yours from illegally entering the United States. 

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Pro-Gun Grabber Organizations

Here is the complete list of gun hating organizations who want to turn the rest of the nation into Chicago, and with a nod and a wink  anti-gun stance would lead to rampant crime and possible mass genocide, as statically speaking every society that has banned guns has been followed by a mass murder of political critics. Everyday guns are used to save lives, as only a gun can level the battle field where the meek regardless of age or physical prowlers are able to defend themselves against criminals who will rape, rob and pillage someone with an illegally obtained weapons.   AARP AFL-CIO Ambulatory Pediatric Association …

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Gun Grabbing will lead to Civil War

Imagine the unthinkable, Congress & Senate fail to act and Comrade Obama passes an unconstitutional gun grabbing order.  Even if the entire military followed orders, every cop, and other Law Enforcement Officer followed the orders what will happen. America has been one conflict or another since World War each decade leading up to present.  Hundreds of thousands of Veterans have returned to their civilian lives, all trained killers with the necessary skills and training to wage war.  Most are armed, and nearly all will grab their guns and shoot anyone who would dare attempt to do something so foolish as take them away.  It will be a blood …

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American search is not so pretty

After looking at what everyone is looking for, here is a list of what we where able to find when we used a couple of search engines to check what America is looking for   If this is not enough to make you wonder where America is headed lets look at google           Yes most folks would like to know       Yes, Texas can  legally secede from the Union           What is Micheal more anyways? We always thought he was a combo of  something bovines excrete

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People voted with their wallets cant find a gun anywhere


Perhaps the pulse of the people is with what they buy, as Gun shows, Sporting good stores and everyplace else you can buy a firearm or ammo is sold out, back ordered or has very little stock left. Everywhere across the country, AR-15’s are back-ordered for 3 years, Magazines for 2 years, and ammo for .223 round is piratically non-existent. It does not stop there, rifles, handguns, and ammo in droves have been bought up, virtually eliminating supplies for hobbyists as well as law enforcement.   One gun dealer when asked “Hows business” they smirked” We’ve done more business in the last two weeks …

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