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Breed Specific Laws a throw back to Jim Crow

Not Long ago, Jim Crow laws blanked the country. Separate but equal.  The notion, nearly 70 years later is foolish, most of the last few generations have never experienced yet even heard of such notions. In many communities around the nation, the same level of racism festers and grows, yet its against dogs not people.  The Pitt Bull, which is currently the worlds most discriminated dog continues to be a victim of racist and ignorant laws. The media of course being the perceptual attention mongers, continues to only push items about Pitt-bull attacks, this despite overwhelming evidence that its individual …

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Black on White Violence Ignored by Black Leaders

Al Sharpton

Racism is dead, Long live racism!  You would Here it is nearly 60 years after the first bits of civil rights started being an issue.  America and the world are vastly different than what it was 60 years ago.  America has gone far from Jim Crowe laws enacted by the Democratic party, to equality.  Opera Winfrey, Snoop Lion Dawg, Bianoce, Rhianna, Alan West, Thomas Sorwell, Morgan Freeman, Herman Caine, just to name a few  that all are shining examples of Martin Luther Kings , I had a dream. They can not proclaim life has been bad to them. So when …

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Mark Levin couldnt be more right on The Liberty Amendments

Book :The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin

National Talk Show Host, former Reagan staffer has written something so inspiring in a time  that Americans everywhere are searching for an answer to what has become the largest, and out of control Government. “The Liberty Amendments” makes a constitutional case by case blue print for America to get the government back under control, and quickly. Its not filled with large sub pretexts on political bias, but rather a hard core belief in easily digestible format why even the most die hard of progressive liberal can agree to some of the principles laid out in the book. With Republicanism spreading …

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Restaurant Owner turns away Disabled Vet over Service Dog

Glassmans Service Dog Was Denied Restaurant Service

An Iraq War Veteran from Oxford Massachusetts is claiming he was “belittled”  after He and his service dog where not allowed inside Big I’s, a diner in Oxford Massachusetts.   A Three year old Jack Russel terrier trained to hep James Glasser was not allowed inside as the owner of Big I’s,  Russel Ireland apparently said “get that f**king fake service dog out of my restaurant”  Glasser called the police who  told Ireland that Glasser has a right to be inside the restaurant with the dog, especially because the canine is assisting the man with a medical issues Someone claming to be …

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Miley Cyrus VMA Performance an assault on decency

Miley Cyrus made a big hit to decency and what passes for entertainment on MTV.  She performed the song “We cant stop” with all the entertainment value of watching meth addicts offering  to perform sexual favors for cash. Miley Cyrus showed everyone watching  MTV’s Video Music awards what she really is, a washed up child actress that used to be Hanna Montana and now is  a talent-less hack who for lack of skill or talent made overt references to ecstasy “Molly” and was nothing more than a what could be described as of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner …

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Seattle’s Gun Free Zones, What possible could go wrong

Seattle's Gun Free Zone Map

In the brilliance of Seattle’s Community Leadership and culture local businesses are advertising they are “Gun Free Zones” as we all know that criminals strictly adhere to laws, like do not rape, or kill, or go on a drug fueled shooting spree. Since they have adopted a website in which to promote how great they are, as a Gun Free Establishments in Seattle, full knowing that they may lose only a few customers, but gain the knowledge that criminals will only come at them with Nerf certified sling shots. Stead fast in the certainty that when seconds count, the cops …

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