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Left Wing Nutjob throws Molotov cocktail into Congressional Office

Eric King, 28 was charged Wednesday with throwing two Molotov cocktails at U.S. Rep Emanuel Cleaver’s (D-KS) office in Kansas City, Mo on September 11th.  The  office was closed at the time of the incident. The attempted firebombing failed do to the alcohol having failed to be ignited by the the paper towels that where stuffed into the neck of the bottles. King was identified after  police reviewed surveillance tapes from a nearby bank.   Police officers where able to quickly identify  King, due to his unique appearance. King was arrested Tuesday morning as he was leaving his apartment.  Officers …

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Illegal Immigrants kill more Americans than guns annually

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Every year Illegal Aliens or “Undocumented Criminals” kill more Americans than guns.  When you add up the United States crime statistics,  what you find is a shocking statistics. Since 9/11/2001 more than 21,900 Americans have lost their lives to illegal Aliens. Thats 4,380 Americans who lose their lives annually to illegal aliens.   That is more than all of the troop deaths America suffered in Iraq, a total of 29,863 in all. 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That’s 61,685 since Sept. 11, 2001. Those numbers are only a small faction …

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Illegal Immigrant stabs man in Englewood New Jersey

An illegal Immigrant from El Salvador was arrested and ordered held on $500,000 bail.  Jose Wilbur Hernandez is charged with stabbing his Englewood room mate in the heart. Hernandez was being taken to the Bergen County Jail. He has been charged with attempted murder and two illegal weapons possession counts. The 27-year-old victim remained in critical condition at Hackensack University Medical Center this afternoon. Hernandez remanded himself to police custody at a bus stop a few blocks down the street after they called him on his cellphone, police offices stated. The officers administered first aid after responding to the 12:40 a.m. disturbance …

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Obama, An Epic Failure

You know its bad when what was cited as the worst President in the Modern Era is calling Obama an Epic Failure. The former President, who resided over prior to Obama, the largest economic expanse of stagnation, has been eclipsed in epic failure on both domestic and foreign policy fronts. Perhaps that is what Jimmy Carter meant when interviewed by Parade Magazine Carter said : “He’s done the best he could under the circumstances,” No matter which way you look at it, Reagan was a titian compared to either President Carter or Obama, in terms of Economic Growth, Foreign Policy, or …

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