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Journalist thinks Doctor warning about Ebola is scare mongering

A Journalist over at the Daily Beast thinks that Sen. Rand Paul, who happens to have a licensed doctor is just “scare mongering” about the deadly disease Ebola. The Journalist in question is Sally Kohn, a contributor to “The Daily Beast”, apparently received courses in virology, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and infectious disease control, to make such bold claims.    Perhaps liberal journalists truly do know everything. Who would have thought a degree in what is a bastardized version english major and easily completed in four years imparts the same level medical knowledge that four years college, four years medical school, two …

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K-9 Officer died in locked Police Car

Police Dog Heatstroke

A police dog in Medina Ohio died from heatstroke after being locked in a police cruiser for more than four hours last month. The Montville Township police department K-9 Officer, Beny, died on Sept. 28 after Sgt. Brett Harrison left the K-9 Officer in a cruiser in the station parking lot from about 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The police car was off and the windows were closed, the doors where locked. The weather in Median Ohio that day was sunny, with clouds and had an average of 77 degrees.   According to Peta’s website Every year, dogs suffer and …

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