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New York State Jobless Rates soar Sanctuary Cities to blame

New York States unemployment rate soars to 10.2 percent. While the devaluation of the Dollar, the continuation of two wars, a very costly Healthcare reform bill, that will cost American business nearly 10 billion dollars this year alone,  New York can only blame itself as its largest cities; New York, Farmingdale, Albany, are sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

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Chevron to cut 2000 jobs

Chevron Corporation will cut 2,000 jobs this year and liquidate some overseas operations as it revamps its refinery, marketing and transportation operations. Chevron has  approximately 60,000 employees worldwide, including about 17,000 in downstream operations that include refining, marketing and retail operations. Chevron laid off 1,900 employees in downstream operations last year.  

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UPS cuts 1800 jobs

UPS said Friday it will cut 1,800 positions in order to streamline its U.S. small package segment. UPS said it will reduce its U.S. regions from five to three and its U.S. Districts from 46 to 20 in April. There are no plans to close any operating facilities. UPS said the consolidation of offices will not affect the sales and operations team, including drivers. UPS expects to incur a one-time charge in 2010 because of the restructuring.

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Top 10 worst states to find a job in

If you’re looking for a job, you should see how your state compares to the rest of the country. Here are the 10 worst states to find work ranked by their unemployment rates. 1. Michigan Unemployment rate: 17.6 percent Population: 10,071,822 Mean annual wage: $41,230 2. Mississippi Unemployment rate: 12.8 percent Population: 2,918,785 Mean annual wage: $30,460 3. South Carolina Unemployment rate: 12.6 percent Population: 4,407,709 Mean annual wage: $33,400 4. Alaska Unemployment rate: 12.5 percent Population: 683,478 Mean annual wage: $43,920 Top industry: Government (25.9 percent) 5. California Unemployment rate: 12.3 percent Population: 36,553,215 Mean annual wage: $44,180 6. …

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Top 24 companies that screwed U.S. Workers by using H-B1 visas

While there where over a thousand companies that applied for H-B1 visa’s in 2009, here are a list of the top 24 that decided to hire immigrant help as its far cheaper than hiring an equally qualified American worker.     WiPro  1,964 Microsoft 1,318 H-1B Visas Intel 723 H-1B Visas Patni Americas 609 H-1B Visas Larsen & Toubro Infotech 602 H-1B Visas Ernst & Young 481 H-1B Visas Infosys 440 H-1B Visa UST Global 344 H-1B Visas Deloitte 328 H-1B Visas Qualcomm 320 H-1B Visas Cisco Systems 308 H-1B Visas Accenture 287 H-1B Visas KPMG 287 H-1B Visas Oracle …

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