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Cisco unviels new router that can do 322tbs

CRS-3 can handle up to 322 terabits per second, or transmit the entire library of congress in 1 second. The new router will be out by Q3, and cost starts at 90,000 dollars USD. The router will allow ISP’s to allow to gigabit per second connections to homes and offices. Cisco which spent over 1.5 billion developing the CRS-3, stated it was done so in a response for ever increasing video and data demands.

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First sex robot rolls off the assembly line

Douglas Hines is an electrical engineer and computer scientist who formerly worked on artificial intelligence at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Unveiling his latest creation: Roxxxy, the latest “Sex robot” from the company Truecompanion.   Hines combined his background with the expertise of a dozen artists and engineers from three countries to create a robot designed to “deliver the best in robot sex.” Customers interested in a Roxxxy companion can ask the company to customize the robot for their personal preferences. To create a robot that looks and acts like an ideal mate, customers fill out a questionnaire to give engineers clues …

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Toshiba rolls out 512 Gig Solid State Drives

Toshiba Corp has started to mass production on solid state drives (SSDs) with 512GB capacity. The drives are currently only available inside Toshiba’s own notebook and the company has reduced originally declared performance figures. Toshiba’s 512GB SSDs are based on 43nm NAND multi-level cell flash and are currently highest-capacity 2.5” solid-state drives. Toshiba now declares up to 230MB/s sequential read speed and up to 180MB/s sequential write speed for the new family of solid state drives, which is below originally declared performance figures, but which is still very high performance compared to competing devices.

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