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Star Trek Online a mindless tigla for Klingons

Cryptic Studio’s latest MMO, Star Trek Online which is set to launch February 12th offers a wide range of Ships, missions, character development and other game content but only for those who would put on a Star Fleet uniform.  For those who want to play a member of the Klingon Faction, options are limited to character advancement throught Player versus Player (PvP) ship designs will be limited to four, and ship customization is limited to changing the decals and colors. Public outcry to the developers of Cyrptic Studio via Star Trek Onlines forums has listed over two hundred posts in …

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Mega Man 10 announced, brings Evil sheep to WII

The Mega Man franchinse is known for its challenging games, and Mega Man 9 was no exception. However, with the latest installment in the franchinse, Capcom will be including an Easy Mode to make the game a little more accessible. Few other details are available, though one of the game’s bosses has been revealed the  looking Sheep Man, who rewards players with the Thunder Wool weapon when they defeat him.

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World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.0 is live

World of Warcraft, a popular MMO RPG has released patch 3.3.0 bringing in new content and making several needed adjustments to the games :looking for group” system. General Icecrown Citadel All three wings of the 5-player dungeon are currently available for testing. Select encounters in the 10- and 25-player raid dungeon are available for limited testing. Additional Icecrown Citadel raid content will be made available in future test builds. Quel’Delar Quest Chain: The Battered Hilt, the item needed to start this quest line, can now be purchased from all glyph vendors on the public test realms. Character Creation: The descriptions …

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City of Heroes / Villians hits version 14

City of Heroes / City of Villians now hits version 14, which features the long awaited  Mission Architect Mission Architect allows players to create and share their own adventures across the MMO generes fan base.  Players are allowed to rate and the stories created by other players and various in game awards can be earned for highly rated content Architect Entertainment buildings are located in Atlas Park, Galaxy City, King Row, Steel Canyon, Skyway City, Faultline, Talos Island, Independence Port, Founder Falls, Brickstown, Peregrine Island, Mercy Island, Port Oakes, Cap Au Diable, Sharkhead Isle, Nerva Archipelago, St. Martial, and the …

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More Women Gamers than men

Over Half of All Women gamers are men. Next time you get Pwnd, chances are it could be a women. United States has  117 million online gamers 64% of them are women, according to Nielsen Entertainment’s third annual Active Gamer Benchmark Study, released October 6th, 2006. The study’s doesn’t detail what games they’re playing, or which websites they are using.  Study does report that 15 million gamers, about 8%, are actually at least 45 years old.

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Us Senators Introduce CDC Game Investigation Bill

Dispite being a complete waste of Tax Dollars, Despite being yet another Federal Program to further protect children as the Federal Government believes parents are too stupid or too unaware to make choices on their childrens activities, the U.S. Government wants to investigate and classify video games with the (CDC) or Center for Disease Control. Yes , video games under this new bill would be reviewed and classifed by the same orginazation that classifies Ebola and tracks the Bird Flu. Dispite all of the problems that the U.S.A. faces, its good to see that Video games, not Terrorists, violent crime, …

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