So you want to join the ranks of one of America’s oldest, Liberty based web-zine  Well after much internal debate and then flipping a coin, We have decided to open up our site to concerned Citizens, like YOU, who like us, find interesting bits of news and other items online that largely go unreported by Main Stream Media

Our content spans back to 2000, with over half of it siting in archives, we have a large amount of news to cover, and the time to spread the word is now

Why Join?

Evilware offers something ever journalist should clamour for, Really sucky Editors. We will proof it, but beyond that its your baby, shine, don’t shine as long as its not False, Contains hate speech (Unless of course its a report on hate speech) or is plagiarizer, Its on. We only glance at content submitted to make sure its not SPAM, advertising or liberal biased shit

Evilware’s domain is unique, the TERM, we own it

We offer a large database of pretty pictures, and will continue to offer more high quality images whilst we continue to dump funds into this mag

We believe in “Knowledge for the sake of Knowledge” So if you want to create a 20 page work on why you think Diane Fienstien is a closet Devil worshiping Nazi, as long as it legally is in the basis of, YOU THINK, vs SHE IS , unless you have proof then please, PLEASE POST! Its up

Evilware email Accounts

After reaching 100 posts after 30 days we will assign you your own Email Account Alias, it can forward wherever you like

An Author Block. You fill out your Bio, as much or as little as you like, and it will link your Facebook page/ twitter Account

We do not require you to be a professional Journalist, just be able to read & write fluent U.S. english and be a U.S. Citizen.  Non-U.S. citizens can go get their own blogs off blogger


Reasons not to join

We are positive Google, DHS, nearly every foreign intelligence service monitors this site. Sad, but true.

We do not blindly follow parties. Our allegiance is to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of  Knowledge, via the Bill of Rights

We do not pull down stories. It is our policy once a story goes up, its up, and only through action of a lawsuit will the story get pulled, that or we have a disastrous data breach and our servers catch fire, the earth explodes or we go broke


Content WE are looking for:

Look around the site, nearly 1000+ articles, links to other stories, news stories, videos, opinions, or anything else not listed normally by Main Stream Media,.

Content We are not looking for:

MEMES, you know just pics with words no content, Really a fast way to not get a story posted



How does one get invite code?

We randomly tweet out invite codes, its first come first serve, so Sign up fast




Whats Required:

Emailing with the following

I ____(YOUR NAME) afirm that I am at least of 18 years of age, a Citizen of the United States of America and I understand that I am responsible for all posts that I create. I understand that once posted these elctronic works I give full rights to said works and


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