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Obama Administration & CDC Downplaying Ebola


President Obama and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) want you to stop worrying about Ebola.  Despite numerous pleas from Politicians, Petition on the Whitehouse.Gov to close the borders, President Obama wants you to think Ebola is like winning the lotto in terms of chances of catching the disease. Instead of following examples where the rest of the Civilized world, including second and third world countries are now banning travel from Ebola hot spots, the Obama administration appointed a political hack, which has long time ties to the Democratic Party, but no medial training, or even training in emergency management ... Read More »

Obama Administration orders 3000 Soldiers to die

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President Obama is expected to announce Tuesday that he’s sending up to 3,000 military personnel to combat the Ebola virus in West Africa. The Obama administration’s decision to enlist the Department of Defense in response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has raised concerns about the safety for U.S. Personnel. Sources inside the Pentagon speaking off the record have stated ,”Obama is sending 3000 soldiers to die.  Our Military is trained and equipped to fight a wars, not fight infectious diseases”. Other military commanders have raised concerns that the Military is already stretched dangerously thin, to its lowest levels ... Read More »

Two State Troopers Gunned down was it terrorism

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 As State and Federal investigators continue to analyse evidence left at the crime scene, which left one Pennsylvania state trooper dead and the other wounded.   Several sources close to the investigation have not ruled out a dry run for a Terrorist Attack. One of the possible profiles places a Muslim approximately 20-34 years of age, college educated with possible civilian of military training.   With open southern borders, it is only a matter of time before America suffers a large scale, attack on its infrastructure or an attack that results in a catastrophic loss of life. Read More »

Obamacare excludes millions of Americans from Health Insurace

The Un Affortable Care Act

The (un)Affordable Care Act  has yet even more great provisions, If by chance you where one of the many unwashed masses hoping to use socialized medicine, well too damn bad.  That is right, despite all the technical problems, you are too late. You now will get hit up with a penalty for not purchasing a product you could not buy and where forced to by law to purchase. The law to date proclaims to have helped 7 million Americans sign up for Health Care, all the while raising premiums by an Average of 1900 dollars per year per person. The ... Read More »

Obama trying to criminalize journalism

Attorney General Eric Holder faces the House Judiciary committee about journalists phone records and IRS improprieties, in Washington, DC.

When Left wing journalists Al Hunt,Cokie Roberts and Steve Rattner start complaining about the Administration, there is a  problem. Journalism is under attack, and with it the  1st Amendment rights. The White House and the Justice Department want to bring  Espionage chargers against a reporter who did exactly what reporters have done, which is report the news, since the founding of the United States.  Eric Holder and Barack Obama want to being down 200 years of government oversight by the people, through the use of journalists, via the Espionage Act of 1917 They want to criminalize journalism. And that’s what ... Read More »

Obamacare about to make 60 Million Americans criminals


With the wildly unpopular law about to go into effect starting October 1st,  most of the law will penalize young Americans, more over Obama supports who voted for Obama in the 2012 election Those  hit hardest by the law are the Young wide eyed voters, who are seeing the effects first hand. In recent studies with the every sliding downward economy, many are moving back into parents houses right after college, unable to find work in their chosen field, many are applying to an ever shrinking pool of part time jobs.  This compounded with the fact that many large campaign ... Read More »