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New Cheat codes with update for GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V latest update comes with a bunch of new cheat codes. These codes, while only available in single player mode do offer another level of fun to the game developed by Rock Star.

Here are the cheats in question:

To unlock God Mode, and give your character invincibility, press the following buttons:

Right, A, Right, Left, Right, RB, Right, Left, A, Y

To give your character the Super Jump ability, press the following:

Left(2), Y(2), Right(2), Left, Right, X, RB, RT. Hold X to jump very high.

To give your character Super Speed, press the following:

Y, Left, Right(2), LT, LB, X.

To give your character Super Speed (but underwater, this time) press the following:

Left(2), LB, Right(2), RT, Left, LT, Right

To give your character full health and full shield, press the following.

B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, Right, X, LB(3).

To decrease your character’s wanted level while on the run from the cops, press the following:

RB(2), B, RT, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.

Or, if you want to increase your wanted level for some reason, press the following:

RB(2), B, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

To recharge a character’s special ability, press the following:

A(2), X, RB, LB, A, Right, Left, A.

To give your character newer weapons and more ammo, press the following:

Y, RT, Left, LB, A, Right, Y, Down, X, LB(3).


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