49 year old Female NE Priest arrested for sending nude pics to 14 year old Gnome Warlock

Sallie Fifield, 49-year-old Portland Oregon women met a boy while playing the popular online computer game “World of Warcraft” and the pair later traded sexual photos of themselves with each other.


The arrest warrant was issued in the western district of Tennessee and was based on a criminal complaint filed by an FBI agent in Memphis.

Fifield and the 14-year-old boy met in July 2009, according to the FBI. In a news release Wednesday, officials said the online chats between the teen and Fifield eventually became sexual.

Fifield was taken into custody in the early morning hours Wednesday on charges of enticement and transfer of obscene material. She made an initial appearance before a federal magistrate at a U.S. District Courthouse.

She was released pending a second hearing March 17.

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