Virtual Money is equal to cold hard cash

South Korean Supreme Court has ruled that the virtual currency of online games is effectively equal to real-world currency.


The ruling came is a result of a case against a pair of men who had purchased Aden, the currency used in the online game Lineage. The men purchased 234.0 million won (approximately $207,614.00 U.S.) worth of Aden , reports the Korea Times, and resold it to gamers, making a cool profit of 20.0 million won (approximately $17,747.00 U.S.) in the process.

The men where arrested on charges of illegally making money and were found guilty by a provincial court, which cited a law banning the swapping of real currency for virtual. They were fined 2.0 million won and 4.0 million won respectively. An appellate court overturned that ruling, before prosecutor’s appealed to the country’s Supreme Court, who ruled that acquiring in-game currency was a factor of skill, not luck.


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