Star Trek Online a mindless tigla for Klingons

Cryptic Studio’s latest MMO, Star Trek Online which is set to launch February 12th offers a wide range of Ships, missions, character

development and other game content but only for those who would put on a Star Fleet uniform.  For those who want to play a member of the Klingon Faction, options are limited to character advancement throught Player versus Player (PvP) ship designs will be limited to four, and ship customization is limited to changing the decals and colors.

Public outcry to the developers of Cyrptic Studio via Star Trek Onlines forums has listed over two hundred posts in which players defend and more nortably outcry that the whole Klingon faction really is not playable.  Some players have gone so far to speculate and liken the Klingon faction to that of several other of Cryptics works, notably City of Heros and City of Villians.


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