Australia to build great firewall.. For the children

Australia’ss Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said new laws would be introduced to ban access to sites featuring criminal content such as child sex abuse, bestiality, rape and detailed drug use, despite  widespread criticism that it will strangle free speech and is doomed to fail.

Websites would be determined by an independent classification body via a “public complaint” process, said Conroy, admitting there was “no silver bullet solution to cyber-safety”.

Internet user groups, the pornography industry and others have strongly opposed the plan, saying any such measure would be impractical to enforce, block access to some legitimate websites as well as slow down legitimate internet traffic

Conroy said a six month trial had concluded that blocking could be done with 100 percent accuracy and negligible impact to connection speeds.

Amazing how many countries feel as though they must control everything! An adult can not be an adult, no you need Big brother to hold your hand and tell you out right what is good and bad for you, even though you are more than capable of making that choice for yourself.

Should this go live, will you Aussies do us a favor and list as a naughty bit with your government?

What do you think?

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