Nebraska Court Rules that Illegal Aliens can have tax payer benifits

Illegal immigrants hurt on the job in Nebraska are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, per the Nebraska Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court ruling that a slaughterhouse worker should continue to receive weekly wages for medical expenses.


Cargill, the company He worked for, argued he shouldn’t get benefits after being hurt on the job because he was in the country illegally.

In its ruling, the court pointed out that state law says all employees are eligible for workers’ compensation. That includes illegal immigrants.

This of course is in violation of Federal Law under the Federal Welfare Act, illegal aliens are not eligible for any federal, state or local public benefits, with only a few exceptions  mainly in the areas of health and emergency services.

Since they legally had to provide a Social Security Number and paid Social Security taxes they presumably were working under a Social Security account number that either belonged to someone else, was obtained by submitting false information, or was counterfeit


Each of these possibilities is a felony under federal law and punishable by up to five years in prison for the people knowingly using a fraudulent number, as well any person who sells a counterfeit Social Security card or fraudulently represents that a Social Security account number belongs to someone it does not.

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