Los Angeles School District to cut 5000 jobs

Los Angeles Unified school board approved a budget plan Tuesday that calls for the elimination of more than 5,000 district positions over the next two years.



The plan includes several cost-cutting proposals to help the district close a projected budget deficit of $1.2 billion through 2012, but all included some kind of employee pay cuts to prevent layoffs.

The plan would include layoffs of more than 1,400 teachers, nearly 1,000 janitors and maintenance workers and 520 school office workers, but said they had no other choice unless employees agree to some concessions.

According to district officials, job cuts could be completely avoided if all district employees take an 11.75 percent pay cut, which could come in the form of furloughs, wage freezes or other pay reductions.


The real question is, how many jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars would be saved if Illegal immigrants where not allowed to attend school

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